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    hi all...

    im pretty new to game programming (just did some stuff with pygame), and now im lokking for some sdl-tutorial for total beginners... did anone of you write one??? the stuff i found with google wasnt so much....

    please give me any advice what i need to start!! (which sdl-libraries etc.).

    thats all atm....


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    It's true. There don't seem to be many SDL tutorials out there. It would help if you mentioned what compiler you're using. If you're doing 3D you'll need OpenGL. If you're doing 2D you'll need some knowledge of screen buffers and blitting, a paint program, and some artistic ability. Plus you'll need some patience because working with bitmaps is a pain in the ass. I guess you can develop methods for handling other file types but that may be outside the scope of SDL. It is certainly out my scope

    The only good tutorial I've found so far is here. That should be enough to get you started. Look under the GFX with SDL link. There are about six tutorials. But if you searched Google then you've probably already seen it.

    Good Luck!
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    what cone3d covers is everything that SDL can do. it's not that big of a library!

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    1,034 has documentation and links

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    actually cone3d is pretty small

    read the docs at and you'll see you're wrong.. also I'm working on putting my tutorials into HTML here:

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    Where are the docs wrong? You should probably tell them, and they will fix it.
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    cozman was refering to the fact that the cone3d tutorials do not cover everything with sdl.
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    Sorry, I guess I worded that oddly. Sentaku senshi was right.

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