Thread: How do you program a game w/ C++ ???

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    Question Uhhhhhhh....

    Well? Did you go out with the fairy or not?

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    Although I've never taken a computer class, it sounds like they are somewhat slow... My brother is in college, and he started class in late august I think. Anyhow, he is taking the computer sciences class. Last week, when he came home for the weekend, he said they were still on things like while loops and arrays. They may be teaching it very well, but I learned them from the C++ Programming For Dummies book in about two days(I cant remember, but probably less actually... however it didn't cover arrays very well).

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    You can learn the c++ syntax quite well in 1 and 1/2 months if you study hard. you don't really need to know all of the syntax to move on though (i don't know much more about classes that the basics) but be sure to learn all the C stuff and the at least the basic c++ stuff.

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    I agree with what has been said about getting a good teacher.

    I am in college now and going on my third programming class. I started with C, and a great teacher, who made it both interesting and comprehendable. Then I took C++ and the teacher was horrible. I was able to overcome it by buying several books, reading and then rereading. Some of the books were easier to read than others, some had more examples than others.

    Given the opportunity if you can find a good teacher, it would be worth your while to take a class.

    I remember from little league football, we had this coach who wouldn't let us throw the ball. He used to yell "You guys haven't mastered blocking or the running game yet, so how in the hell could we expect to throw the ball successfully."

    He said learn to run, and then we will learn to fly. He was right, and I have always remembered him for that.

    PS LOL..."One time at computer camp......."

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    One thing people may have overlooked is the fact that learning a subject in depth is differant than reading from the dummies guide (no dis-respect to those who did read the dummies guide 'cause I did as well), main differance being that a book shows you WHAT to do and a teacher shows you HOW to do it.

    This all depends of course on wether you have a decent teacher or not
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    Back in the day...

    I used to want to jump into C++, and make graphix. I mean, I couldn't understand that it was so hard. I mastered all the commands in text mode, now I am starting into Mode X VGA programming, after a while, I may start windeows (that's right windeows ) programming.

    I have never read a C++ book. I read a C Game Programming book, front to back, but never C++. I saw one at Barnes & Noble I ordered, so I'm excited about that.

    But this site is a very good place to start. Go through ALL the tutorials in this site, it'll help A LOT. Then after that, go to and study all those commands. Then go to your town's library, see if there is any programming books. They may be old, but don't worry. Just make sure they are 1993+. Read up on Text-Based RPG's. Make a small game, nothing big. Once you get all the quirks out, give your friends a copy, and upload it to the internet. See what everyone likes and dislikes about it. Fix the dislikes, and if you can, make the likes more likable. Remember, please the majority, not the minority. Once you get the majority to have 10 or less dislikes, you are ready to advance to graphix. Go to

    Make sure you do not have a windows compiler, but a DOS compiler before doing this. Once you are good at the tutorials in there, try making a tile-based engine. It took me a weekend to do this. Then go do a dance. Next MY STORY HAS ENDED, THIS IS AS FAR AS I HAVE GONE.


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    Also, it all depends on the specific class you take, how good it is.

    Of COURSE an introductory class is going to be easy -- it's an intro class. So far, I've taken (first 3 of these weren't my choice, but were required):

    * Intro to Java -- Pathetically easy
    * Intro to algorithms/Data structures -- pathetically easy 'cept for Red/Black trees, which were still reasonably easy
    * Assembly Language/Machine Optimization -- reasonably easy
    * Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic -- averages ~20-25 hours of hwk/week, moderately challenging material

    Of course, I came into all of this knowing C++ and x86 ASM, so learning Java and MIPS assembler wasn't exactly hard or unfamiliar territory.

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    So far i have taught myself serveral program languages from c++ to sql

    i started c++ last year with the tutorial from here. i was lost so i went to c++ for dummies, i learned somethings nothing big, then i picked up visual c++ 6 programming blue book. I learned alot from making dialog boxes to making my own paintbrush program. i still learning and i think having someone that knows to help would be a great + to someones learning ability. if you know c++ basics u might want to take an advance course. if you know some but don't want to go to begginers course ask to take a quiz and see what can be taken care of by few brush up sessions and try your hand on the advance course. i believe this will help. but if u want to really understand the language take the beginners course. u have to know A before you learn C(++) corny i know.
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