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    Smile The creation of a game from scratch on a live stream

    Hello everybody!

    A little background: after 3.5 years developing a single game (my first commercial game) and releasing it to the PC and PS4, I realized I didn't actually know programming. I started off by just visually connecting nodes in Unreal and by the time the game demanded some C++ to integrate the console SDKs with the FMOD middleware and all sorts of crazy stuff, I desperately searched the internet, asked a ton of people and tried-and-error'ed my way into release. I decided to take a step back and learn programming for real.

    I learned C and C++, game engine programming, low level and high level code. I really fell in love with it.

    Professionally, I had an opportunity and ended up leaving the indie games industry; so I could do whatever project I wanted in my free time, no need to earn money with that.

    Since I was really enjoying writing games from scratch, I decided to focus on that. After a couple of games (and inspired by other programming live streams) I decided to make an entire game, in C, from scratch, on a live stream.

    It's been a great experience, although it is pretty hard and there is a certain pressure do to everything as fast as I can, to get tangible results. But that is a valuable skill to learn. I'm also improving my English skills, and my attention skills (I have two seconds to glance at chat to see if there is anything there while the program compiles, all the while not forgetting what I am doing).

    The game is coming along pretty nicely. As of this writing, I have live streamed 16 times, and they last anywhere from 2.5h to 4h.

    Here is the progress of the game: YouTube

    The idea was to start with a simple Breakout clone, but expand on the gameplay idea: what if all other arcade games were based on Breakout?

    You can watch the whole development process, learning not only the actual programming to get the game going starting off with a blank files and no libraries, but also some of the design decisions and the experimentation with the failed ideas (there were already a few).

    Here is the link to my Youtube channel for you to watch the live streams:


    For the people short on time, I have created a Highlights video showing the main moments of the first few live streams:


    The game (and its entire source code) is available for free on itchio:

    I hope you find this interesting.
    Let me know if you enjoyed it, or have any questions.

    Dan Zaidan

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    I'm not going to watch all those livestreams, but your highlights video was nice.
    Devoted my life to programming...

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    Quote Originally Posted by GReaper View Post
    I'm not going to watch all those livestreams, but your highlights video was nice.
    Thanks! The idea was exactly that, make a nice summary for people who don't want to watch the whole thing!
    My new tutorial also has that mind set.

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