Hello All,

I'm currently using Allegro 4.4.3 with both Eclipse (for Linux) and Portable Dev C++ (for Windows). I know the 4.4.3 revision of Allegro is not the most recent (Allegro 5+) but being an old school console programmer for fun, I haven't graduated on to event driven programming yet.

In any case, my concern is static compiling. Allegro is a great library with lots of ability but you would have a be a compiling guru to static compile with out file for file help. Not very intuitive.

So my questions is, is there a better graphics library for static compiling. Something that only needs an addition 1-2 files added to the linker operation. I'm not writing a 2gig DVD DOOM type game so I don't mind a little unneeded overhead. My games are usually only a few meg with a 10-15 meg data file for sound and backgrounds.