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    Question Drawing a line or somethink like that...

    I have red a lot of diferent threads about drawing a line, but it's wery strange that you have a computer with (GeForce 2) and you have to use screen 320x200 256 colors. And still its prety dificult any way. So can somebody give me source code for drawing line or puting pixel(with rich coments)??

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    Yeah, that would be great...I am also quite interested in that(and I have a GeForce 2).


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    Here are some algorithm implementations.

    Using DirectGraphics or SDL makes the job a little bit easier but low level graphics isn't a relatively simple topic. There is a great deal of math involved as well.

    I would suggest using SDL first, as it is very simple to use.
    In the video subsection of the documentation area there is a putpixel function which you can use in combination with the algorithms above to do what you need to.
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    300x200x256? What does you resolution and color depth have to do with drawing a line?

    In Windows you first move the cursor to the line start point with MoveToEx() then draw the line with LineTo(). Draw a pixel with SetPixel() or SetPixelV().

    In DOS/Console you use some form of gotoxy() (check the FAQ, based on your compiler you may have to write your own gotoxy() function). The FAQ covers graphics in console as well as giving some links that should help you.

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