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    Question Xbox gaming


    How do i start making games for the Microsoft Xbox. I was really looking for tutorials.

    Please help


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    I suggest that you mail microsoft that question, they'll be the best people to guide you.

    Additionally, you can post that question at GDNet's where you'll find more experienced developers who possibly did XBox coding before.

    Also, try ( They generally have good info about advanced stuff, so there's a chance to find your answer )
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    i can tell u..

    You can buy an XBOX Dev Kit for 12000$.
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    You can buy an XBOX Dev Kit for 12000$.
    Can you tell me if that is buy or rent? Also, do you know any of the legal parameters with it? If it is $12,000, then I think that is a lot more reasonable than I was expecting. If the situation was right spending $12,000 isn't all that much, IMO.

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    i agree

    12k sounds pretty cheap for full development software

    is that like one package of software and you can only install on one comp or what?

    and anyone know how much for gamecube and ps2?
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    $12K is way too high. outrageous. SDKs for Game consoles consist of pretty much these three things:

    a) a game console
    b) a special interface to your cpu
    c) additional front-end/back-end libraries
    for your C compiler (like Metrowerks-- the best).

    SDKs don't usually cost more than $6K for any other system.


    You usually write game software for consoles on your own PC.... or it _would_ cost $12K.

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    and since you would be using their incubator program it would be for rent so:

    1- you have to send your idea and plans for the game to them
    2- if they like it then they will sell you the dev kit
    3- you have 6 months to complete the game or beg for extensions
    4- you haven't finished (or finished?) you have to return the dev-kit (with no refund)

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