Thread: UGH! loading assimp indices into an an array of structures created with malloc.

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    Question UGH! loading assimp indices into an an array of structures created with malloc.

    hi there. here are the relevant parts of my code. when i run the first part with the printfs found after every time i set a variable in the for loop they print the right values on the screen but when trying to print the values from the array where i stored the values i get garbage, 0's and numbers in the billions. I have spent a couple of hours on this. please help!!

    struct aiMesh* mesh = scene->mMeshes[0];
        ObjectMesh->MeshIndexListSize = mesh->mNumFaces;
        ObjectMesh->MeshIndexList = (struct TypeVertexIndexList3  *)malloc(sizeof(struct TypeVertexIndexList3) * mesh->mNumFaces);
        for (int i = 0; i < mesh->mNumFaces; i++)
            const struct aiFace* face = &mesh->mFaces[i];
            ObjectMesh->MeshIndexList[i].i0 = face->mIndices[0];
            printf("\n%u\n", face->mIndices[0]);
            ObjectMesh->MeshIndexList[i].i1 = face->mIndices[1];
            printf("\n%u\n", face->mIndices[1]);
            ObjectMesh->MeshIndexList[i].i2 = face->mIndices[2];
            printf("\n%u\n", face->mIndices[2]);
    typedef struct TypeVertexIndexList3
            unsigned int indexlist[3];
                unsigned int i0, i1, i2;
    } IndexTriangle, VertexIndexList3;
    thanks again

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