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    Graphic library

    I want to write some games, what graphic libs. are for C?
    Are there game engines for C?
    I want 2d support and 3d support.


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    While there are a host of open source engines and graphics wrappers for Direct3D and OpenGL you will do yourself an injustice if you do not understand why they work. You can't really create a game without understanding the tech at some point. That would be like trying to build a house or a car without understanding much about houses or cars. Sure you might get a house or a car in the end but...who knows. There are hundreds of books available about game programming and graphics and I would recommend purchasing as many as you can to learn as much as possible.

    Now if you are an experienced graphics / game developer and you are looking to make a quick game without being burdened by the nitty gritty stuff then a quick Google will reveal a ton of solutions. I know that Torque 3D is now open to the public so that is a good starting place. Unity3D is decent but hard to recommend since you will be doing C# script. It is possible to load native code within Unity C# scripts but I won't get into that here. Unreal is actually fairly simple to obtain from Epic provided you pay meet their royalty requirements upon release. Gamebryo is...well...not sure. It folded, was sold to who knows, and now it looks to be back.

    Other than those there are ton of open source ones that Wikipedia lists. I would try a few of them and see which one meets your needs.
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    It is cross platform and pretty straightforward.

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    It's more like asking a pilot to change an oil filter or crankshaft on a 747.

    There is Torque 2D also. Allegro is probably as easy as you can get, although limited.

    Depends on your ambitions, try Allegro first.

    Here's a Jet Set Willy clone(ZX Spectrum platform game), I learned from this years ago, it's vintage style but cool all the same, it also targets Linux but little is needed to port to Windows.

    Manic Miner PC and Jet Set Willy PC for GNU/Linux
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    Allegro 5, as ~Kyo~ stated, is powerful and not too tricky, and I'd highly recommend it!

    As for 3D engines, there aren't any C only engines that are straightforward to my knowledge...

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