Thread: Doom Lord engine complete!

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    Doom Lord engine complete!

    my engine for doom lord is complete. well, that is unless anyone thinks i should add some things. I didn't make any complete levels, or all the weapons, or scrolls, or monsters yet. like i said, only the engine is complete. i think im going to add in some people for dialogue, but can you think of anything else? here is the zip with the exe, im not releasing the source yet. dont run the exe if you dont think its safe, but i can tell you that it IS SAFE. so what do you think?
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    Yeah, I think it is pretty good so far. I was actually a little dissapointed when it came to an end, but like you said it is only the engine of the game.

    A few suggestions I have are to tidy up the writing to the screen. The screen gets a little messy when attacking a monster. As mentioned before, give a better in depth explanation of what each item does. Such as I picked up a Sword and dropped my dagger. This obviously shows that the Sword is better but how is it better? Also, I think the doubling of the damage on the attack due to strength should have some randomness to it. Plus it doesn't seem fair that strength is the only category that has a chance of gaining a bonus. Whenever a category is selected as the most important it should have a random bonus attached to it as well. Here is an example for health: "The powerful attack made on the monster boosted your moral and gave you health bonus". Here is an example for speed: "Because of your superior speed you were able to do two attacks at one time".

    Keep it up.

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    well actually it does do that:

    speed - two attacks (diff. rand num each attack)

    strength - double damage

    health - damage to you reduced by 2

    magic - damage increased by....i forgot

    i think im going to also add armor you can get. would that be a good thing do you think or no? also, i'll try to make the writing neater.

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    you can keep picking up swords for some reason though... and keeps saying I used to have a dagger even though I already picked up the sword and when i went south it goes into an infinite loop without allowing me to input any other actions

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    each room has a weapon on the ground. all you do is switch your weapon with the one on the ground. so if you get a sword from room 1, go to room 2 (which has sword), then you will just keep switching from sword to sword. if you want the dagger back, then go back to room 1 and get it. and i fixed the fight function to correct spacing in between attacks.

    how about the armor thing though?should i put it in?

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    Its not bad, except that after giving (perhaps) an explanation of the room your in, try also to add a section for what items you see in the room. Like say there is a sword in that room, say that! This way the player can actually know what they are getting into.

    The armour idea is very good. And perhaps add some key command for people to be able to check out what exactly they are wearing?

    I also tried playing as a sorcerer (or whatever, with magic being #1 choice) but I died in the first comfrontation with the Gremlin because I decided to stay and fight him instead of running away. Now just because a person decides to be a (usually) weaker spellcaster, does this mean we would have to flee? I shouldn't think so. Not at least on the first battle. I couldn't cast any spells because I had no scrolls, now to me this magic system is weak. There should be some other way to cast spells then to use scrolls that we don't even get right away.

    All this is just my opinion, but there are some suggestions there.

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    pretty good game

    i played a little
    and died in the first battle
    never mind

    but why after i died it quit the game

    try to do that after i die or something
    it will bring me to the main menu

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    It is a good start but I would recommend you put in some mouse control and mouse buttons to make the interface better. If you want some help on the GUI portions then let me know.

    To further enhance this engine, it would be nice to put some graphics in. The text portions could remain the same, except that they would be inside of a window (bitmapped window) when the user chose to look at or examine something.

    I dont know if your engine is easily extensible or not since the source was not given.

    I would be glad to help with many areas such as sound, GUI, graphic engine, etc. If you dont want 3D, the best thing for RPGs is a tile based isometric engine.

    PM me if you would like some assistance.

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    You seriously have to fix that first battle, it's almost impossible! And the stat choosing thing isn't very balanced... Maybe you should randomize it, and then let the user choose if they like the stats or want to roll again. Otherwise it looks promising,

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