Thread: Help with C++ Game Design patterns

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    Help with C++ Game Design patterns

    I was taking my old design, and trying to make a better tile game framework to use. I am kind of stuck with some advice or ideas to implement a better way for my input handle class to move or do w.e manipulation for the stage class. Any ideas of what I could do to make my stage and command-input handler class work together?
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    Your "stage" is incredibly narrow. An array/list of layers to be drawn in any order is barely more complicated, yet such a form is far more versatile.

    State * sStage = new Stage(/**/);
    // ...
    Layer * sLayer = sState->createCompatibleLayer();
    // ...
    sLayer->drawStuff(); // `sStage' draws every layer on "flip"
    Your "inputhandle" seems a pointless form of packing multiple events into a single frame to be later queried. You can pack a series of events which logically group Boolean values into a set over a specified slice of time with transforms provided by the client.

    Whatever sCodes = [/* ordered code representing virtual keys */];
    Whatever sKeys = ['w', 'a', 's', 'd'];
    InputHandler * sKeyboard = new InputHandler(/**/);
    // ...
    sKeyboard->filter(sCodes, sKeys, 4);
    // ...
    InputHandlerWrapper sKeysDown(sKeyboard, KEYS_DOWN);
        if(InputHandlerWrapper['w']) // ...
        if(InputHandlerWrapper['a']) // ...
        if(InputHandlerWrapper['s']) // ...
        if(InputHandlerWrapper['d']) // ...
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