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    DirectDraw fade 2

    Hey guys/gals! I updated the code that performs my gamma ramp
    fades in DirectDraw. The problems I had were that I was using an
    incrementing long value as a timer, ie:
    long TimeTracker;
       do stuff
    This obviously wasn't effecient and especially wasn't practical, as
    it would run super fast on new machines and slow as molassess
    on older ones.

    The other problem was that I was setting the gamma ramp values
    to 0 then incrementing +/- 1000 per iteration. This was bad
    because if you have really low gamma settings then your screen
    wouldn't fully reset to it's proper gamma settings and all you'd
    see was a black screen (like TechWins).

    The fix for this was a little trickier. I declared 3 global arrays of
    DWORDs to hold my gamma increment value. Then every 100
    milliseconds I add that value to the gamma settings. Since I set
    the value to setting/8, I incremented by the DWORD value for the
    first 8 iterations of the function call. On the ninth I finished the
    gamma ramp transition (settings=0 or setting=original, depending
    on which way I was traversing the ramp).

    DWORD dwRd[256], dwGr[256], dwBl[256];
      //etc. etc. for green and blue arrays
    I'm attaching a new *.zip file. Please test it and let me know what
    results you get and what you think of the fade. Thanks.

    Oh, and anyone who wants more details on the gamma ramp
    fading technique can just PM me or ask here and I'll go into more
    detail. Also, you'll need DirectX 7 or higher to run it.

    Thanks again.

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    yeah, its better than the first one.

    though if the UNTER GRUND(sp) fade in/out was a little slower it would look neater.

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    Yay, it works now!!! Maybe a bit fast, but that's just my opinion,

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    I guess it's a case of overkill. Everyone said it was too slow in the
    first attempt so I went the other extreme. I'm just going to find
    the happy medium.

    And you did spell "UnterGrund" right. It's German for
    underground ( which is where I lived when I first started
    programming ).
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