Thread: Problem with sorting an array

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    Problem with sorting an array

    I'm creating a rpg and I'm having problems with an array sort. the following code is suppossed to sort through a list of skills and if the character already has the skill or if his stats don't allow him to take that skill then it won't be added to the list... but it doesn't seem to be working right. So if someone could help it would be nice.

      int start,end,put=0;
      int x;
      for (x=start;x<=end;x++)
        if ((skills[x]==0)&&(stats_allow_skill(stats,skill_list[x])==true))
    Find_skill_type() finds the start and end position of skills of a certain type from the main skill list.

    stats_allow_skill() passes back true if he can take it or false if he can't

    skills is the characters skill list (which corresponds to the same point in the skill_list array.)
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    You are passing the start and end variables by value, which means the values they get in the function won't be accessible in the for-loop. Use pointers:
    Find_skill_type(type, skill_list, &start, &end);
    void Find_skill_type(int type, int skill_list, int* start, int* end)

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    I just figured out the problem twas something in the function that was calling this one. forgot a -1 *sigh*
    oh and and Find_skill_type() uses passing by reference for start and end so that was okay but thanks for replying though

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