Thread: Do people still like 2d games

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    Do people still like 2d games

    Hey, I have this great idea for a 2 dimensional top down view game, like the original zelda for nintendo view. Im just wondering, does anyone still play or like that kind of game? rocks!!!

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    About 2d games, Happyland Adventures is the most downloaded game in cnet, so not only 3d games are popular.

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    Personally, I don't care if it's 2d or 3d, as long as it's a good, fun
    game. Though, to be fair I do kind of prefer the old-school 2d

    Lupine games has an article on 2d vs. 3d that has this list:

    1. Starcraft (Blizzard) 2D
    2. Unreal (GT) 3D
    3. Final Fantasy VII (Eidos) 3D
    4. Deer Hunter (GT) 2D
    5. Police Quest: SWAT 2 (Cendant) 2D
    6. Rocky Mountain Trophy Hunter (GT) 2D
    7. Cabela's Big Game Hunter (Activision) 2D
    8. Diablo (Cendant) 2D
    9. Myst (Broderbund) 2D
    10. Titanic: Adventure Out of Time 2D

    Only 2 of these 10 big games are 3d. So, yeah, I think people will
    still play 2d games.

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    No, I dont mean isometric 2d (like starcraft), I mean plain 2d, top down straight down.

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    People still buy starcraft, but the success of starcraft was from supperior game design, not that it was 2D or wasn't 3D.

    The command and conquer games by westwood are pretty popular (pity they are going to 3D).

    [edit]Oh, I see, NOT like starcraft. As long as the game design is good the game will be good.[/edit]
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    yes specially adveture games should be in 2-D

    all 3-d adventures i have played suck and i really mean that

    i have a sugestion for ya do a larry or policequest game

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    i much enjoy two-d games... it's not that three-d is bad, it's just that i like the simplicity that two-d usually represents. everything is easy and native to control, since most of us have grown up playing two-d games...

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    puzzle and strategy games are fun and better in 2d

    IMHO there are a lot of genres that are much beter in 2d... also most free 3d games are not good, 3d is more expensive to develop so the free games in 3d are generally developed under the average budget, a 2d game requires a photoshop style tool (much more affordable, or use GIMP) (the best)

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    There is a Zelda clone out there that LOTS of people play, is the place where u can get it, it used to be free but now they are charging people to play on the better servers :-\

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    2d is good but if you re-did the game with 3d gfx it wouldn't make it any worse. The question is, is making the game 3d worth the extra work.

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    The best game on the planet, Infantry Online, is a 2d top down shooter.

    Pity Sony Online Entertainment is killing it on the first of May. Well, not killing it, but rushing to out of beta and into gold, long before it is finished.

    Go to for some screenies and see for yourself.

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