Thread: Augmented Reality 3D Racing Game - Using GPS and vision processing

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    Augmented Reality 3D Racing Game - Using GPS and vision processing

    I have been developing a augmented reality 3D Racing Game. I'm planning on doing an AR application that will use GPS and Augmented Reality technologies to get a location, and then use compass/gyroscope for tracking 6DOF viewfinder movements. By merging the real world and the game world, augmented reality helps you discover a new way to play........Your racing track is populated with 3D interactive characters and scenarios.
    But my question is how to use any vision processing(relying on GPS), and to display 3d models on the screen at roughly correct distances (up to a point) from where the car is positioning.
    My target platform will be mobile devices & tablets potentially running one of these OS's WM6, Phone7, iOS and Android.
    Augmented Reality Racing: Extreme the Rush Track 3D | Indiegogo

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    Honestly? Given the spiel on your Indiegogo page, I'd expect it to already be done.

    And what, precisely, are you missing? You have a 3D world, you have some AR equipment (presumably), you have GPS - quite what don't you get about using the data from the AR equipment and the GPS and overlaying that into the virtual world at the right point?

    What's the question, really? Do you have a Kinect, for example, that is providing vision and depth data? Do you have a GPS position and orientation from a digital compass of some kind? Then it's just a question of creating 3D objects using the depth data and transforming them to the right point in 3D space, is it not?

    Or are you honestly asking "I've got a 3D environment, now how do I program it so that everything my 2D camera sees pops up in the virtual world as a 3D object?" Because that's a computer vision project that could take decades of work by PhD's to answer.

    And, really, that's the primary selling point of your project, is it not? That's something I'd have expected you to know before you start and the project be merely the execution of those ideas. The fact that you are on what I would consider a helpsite for c programming means that you really have nothing - no code, no ideas, no tests? I can then only assume you're spamming your project looking for funding.

    Indiegogo really has a lot to answer for.

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