Thread: Linker Error from code from a tutorial on this site (OpenGL tutorial)

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    Linker Error from code from a tutorial on this site (OpenGL tutorial)

    Sample OpenGL Program for C and C++ - OpenGL Tutorials -

    The large block of code at the end of this tutorial seems to work fine with the exception that on line 31, the code includes a file not found on my system, after doing a bit of digging, it seems that that code is superfluous anyway so I commented it out. What resulted were quite a few linker errors stemming mainly from the DrawCube() DrawArm() and Render() functions.

    Is gl/glaux.h really necessary? and if so, why don't I have it when I have all the other header files?

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    A quick Google would tell you that glaux is obsolete and deprecated, and apart from that any linker error generated a file-not-found probably means that, shockingly, the file wasn't found. Thus you are either missing the header entirely or haven't pointed your compiler/linker to look into the right place. If the first, maybe you haven't installed something that supplies it (e.g. GLUT)? If the second, maybe you should look for glaux ANYWHERE on your computer and check that you're looking in those places with your compiler/linker?

    And if the header isn't found on your system, is declared obsolete, and the tutorial needs it? Probably not a good tutorial to learn from.

    Failing simple logic like that, you could just google glaux.h and download it, but I'd frown on that personally.

    Basically, your question could be answered in the first two/three links at the top of Google for "glaux.h missing" or even "glaux.h".

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    I bookmarked this a while ago in preparation for one day in the future when I decide to learn OpenGL.

    Modern OpenGL resources round up

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