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    graphics use to mouse

    hello friends,i am doing c game project,i use graphics library at C langueage,i want to mouse but i don t know,please help me.

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    There are many libraries for handling input events for games in C, I would suggest SDL.

    It is portable and there are a lot of tutorials around for handling mouse input. The downside is it can be difficult for a new person to set up the environment for the first time.

    You also have other options such as Win32. Which is also a C library but it can be a lot more difficult to learn and it is a lot more code to learn just to add a mouse event as you will have to rebuild your entire project.

    There is also glut/open gl but you probably should not get into that yet.

    I would also like to add that these are also libraries that handle graphics as well as I don't know of any standalone library for mouse input short of writing your own port monitoring code.

    What graphics library are you using?
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