Thread: 12 year old in need of game programming advice

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    pode: was i talking to you????

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    dont know if u was talking to me.

    i was just expressig what i felt

    about listening to kids

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    dont give out your age too fast. a lot of people will either ignore you or flame you for being so young.
    Point proven.

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    I take advice from 13 year old if he knows something what I don't know. But more than that I want to teach them, this is an instinct, you know. So Flikm, most of what you said was right but what I want to say about these items is that:

    2. Don't just read code and guess, try more often what your code does, feel the computer.

    4. Most often the problem is that people don't read anything at all before posting their messages. So if you read even that what is most easy to find, it's perfectly OK to talk about that what you don't understand.

    8. People don't always flame you for being so young, they just tell you about their model of the society what may be outdated, but try to ignore what you don't agree with and don't be angry, you would not make anybody smarter that way.

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    *you must feel the computer, experience the computer, you must BECOME the computer*....or something like that.

    NOTE: generally I wouldnt take advice from 13 year olds, that is on anything....non-technical. See, things like programming anyone can learn, so i would take advice from everyone about that, but it takes TIME to gain wisdom...

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    Yes, I understand, "it takes time to gain wisdom" is a wisdom what took time to gain

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    I'm 13, almost 14

    I have been programming since I can remember (not in C++, I have done Delphi and BASIC in the past), and I have been programming in C++ for about 14 months. Programming may be hard at times, there were so many times I almost quit programming. But once you get the hang of the basic functionality of C++, it will be MUCH easier to learn new things.

    Here is some advise, people may take it, abuse it how they want, but this is how I learned C++:

    1. Go to and read tutorials 1-17 two times. First time, skim through it, so you can at least remember what things do what, and where to use them. Next time study them. Go through and make sure you understand everything 1-17, then make a simple game that applies those skills.

    2. Read the board FAQ. It has some misc. info for beginning programming.

    3. Once you have done those two, search on the internet for C++ tutorials.

    4. Once you know the structure and basic usage of C++, make several programs and games, it teaches you the most.

    5. Whenever you have a problem, first read up on it, then post it here.

    6. Instead of using other people's work, make your own. It may not be as good, or as fast, but you will learn the inner workings of different functions.

    7. Make a nice game. Instead of making a lot of "learning" games, actually put some effort into it. Even if you are going to make utilities or word processors, game programming is very nice for a first project. It isn't so boring, it teaches you to program, while having fun. Once you start your game, try to get people at school to join your team. At my school nobody except for one person knows how to program (teachers and students included), and he can't do it that well, so it doesn't really help. So I have to use people at school just for artwork and ideas.

    8. When you finish that project, you are set. Start learning Win32 if you did step 7 in DOS, or if you did step 7 in Windows, learn a Commercial library such as OpenGL, DirectX, Allegro, or anything like that. DO NOT LEARN AN OUTDATED LIBRARY SUCH AS GLIDE.

    9. Well.....I can't go much further than this, for this is where I am. Currently I am learning DirectX, mainly DirectInput and DirectDraw right now. The next Direct thing I will learn will be DirectSound.

    Sorry for this long post. I will probably get flamed because of all the opinions I put in there. All opinions above are IMHO, so don't think I'm stuck up.

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    > I will probably get flamed because of all the opinions I put in there.

    No, not for that, but it was dull for me, I know it all. The most interesting was perhaps that even some teachers who teach programming don't know programming, but I know that also. There are just things that some people never learn, not only that they learn them slowly.

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    I just turned 13 in late march, and I've been programming for...
    wait...who are we talking to again?
    theHack left awhile ago...

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    > BECOME the computer

    How this can be done?

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    >How this can be done?

    Watch Star Trek, it's pretty easy to catch on.

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    take glass cutters and crawl inside your monitor!

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    there actually are a number of freeware fps game out now a days. Most of them use other peoples engines but there is cube (a quake clone), and some others that haven't to to mind right now wich do use their own engine. None of these fps games are as good as something you'd buy in the store however they aren't to bad.

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    start 2d

    Okay, before you get into 3d you should make a small (say 5 levels) 2d game like Sonic The Hedgehog, on genesis. I would do the graphics first, so you can name your variables by graphic file names so that it is easier to read. But i don't think it matters really. I suggest you use Tile Studio to create your maps, levels, and charecter animations.

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    Angry Tile Studio?!?!?

    THATS CHEATING !!! Hey, If you wanna be a programmer, learn how to make your own tiles and engines, dont use some program...

    Also, I disagree about something someone said.. That you should
    make a game before you make a utility! I prefer to make utilitys more then I like to make games! /* Perhaps thats why I suck at graphics so much?!?!? */

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