Thread: Bitmaps in assembly language

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    Bitmaps in assembly language

    Hay everyone i am making pack man in assembly language i have no problem with the logic, but the objects are not looking good, all i need is a code to display a bitmap, i'm just a beginner so can't write it myself, i am using windows 7, and masm32, so anyone

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    Copying a single row of pixels from one place to another is just a memcpy().
    Copying a bitmap is just a memcpy() in a loop.

    > but the objects are not looking good,
    Here's an idea - post a picture or two.
    • Press "print screen"
    • run mspaint (or your favourite image editing software)
    • paste the screen snapshot
    • use some clip tool to clip off all the irrelevant info, leaving just your interesting bitmap picture.
    • save and upload
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