Thread: came from 3d to game Development...

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    came from 3d to game Development...

    I have 5 years of experience in 3d arch decoration, character modeling , animation and visual effects... but I discoverd lately that all i really want is programming and there is really not much money in design compare to programming ....
    So i read about unity 3d which enables me to use both 3d max and javascript to create games... I know that c++ is the best in this... But this is going be trouble to begain with c++ as i read. .. So i decided to learn javaScript to use my 3d skills on games till i got the proper experience that allows me to learn c++... then i think I will be able to make games and application then i can move easliy to hardware programming... Which is the only thing I really care because as i read this with electornics engineering(which i will study after C) i can invent something or at least share in 1% inventing something.....
    .. and maybe somebody till me to just go to hardware programming But we need money to live and this going to take time... but javascript won't take much time i think .. then i will work in somewhere as a game developer which i think will consider me not a normal guy because i have 3d,2d,animation skills......

    I know that this maybe take about 20 years or so and i may never can't do that because it's alot of long roads here.. But i thought that maybe somebody may have an advice for me... or tell me that I'm in the wrong way to get to invent something or the wrong way to make games....

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