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    Cool New Kid on the Block

    Hey everybody, howz it going.

    I'm new to the forum, and new to programming. But I am very dedicated, and learn pretty fast, so hopefully I will be working with game designers in a year or two.

    My question is whether C++ is a good place to start for game programming. I want to be well rounded, and not just concentrate on games, but I eventually want to be 80% game programmer.

    I know a little Visual Basic already, but I do not believe it is a good place to be for game programming. From the research I have done thus far, C++ is a great place to start.

    I just want a couple of opinions from you guys.

    BTW thanks for the tutorial section on C++, it's helping me out alot!

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    Well, it's arguable. Most games these days are written in C++, so if you are keen to get into full-time game dev work then it's a good idea to learn C++. Some people think that it's easier to learn C first, then go to C++... i can't see a problem whichever way you do it.

    But definitely learn C++ at some stage, or you'll sell yourself short.

    good luck!
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    thanks for the input! i'm beginning to realize that all programming languages are related, in key areas at least.

    learning old qbasic 7 years ago still helps me today, since it gave me an understanding of how all programming languages basically work.

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