Thread: trouble setting up GLEW in Visual C++ 2010 Express

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    trouble setting up GLEW in Visual C++ 2010 Express

    I hope someone can help. I got FreeGLUT working w/ VC++, but I can't get GLEW to work. I put the GLEW headers into: C:\Program Files(x86)\Windows SDKs\V7.0A\Include\gl, I put the GLEW static libraries into C:\Program Files(x86)\Windows SDKs\V7.0A\Lib and glew32.dll into SystemWoW64 dir. When I try to build the source code, I get these messages:
    e.g. error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol __imp__glewBindBuffer
    error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol __imp__glewBufferData

    I found this link but I can't find the glew.dsw, there is a link to download glew. So I copied those glew/include to Windows SDKs\include\gl
    glew - OpenGL: How to compile glew32.dll from source file - Stack Overflow

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    Do you tell it where to search for them, meaning do you include this library in the project's settings?
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    You need to specify the "GLEW static libraries" (the .lib or .a files) in your project settings. Simply putting the files in the right place is usually enough for header files, but library files have to be linked explicitly; then the .DLL files must be present in the current directory or \windows\system or whatever at run-time.

    See the section "Linking To Static Libraries" here: Visual Studio 2010 C++ Project Settings

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