Thread: DirectInput devicetype and subtype issues.

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    DirectInput devicetype and subtype issues.

    This is odd and I'm beginning to wonder if the dwDevType field of:

    typedef struct DIDEVICEINSTANCE {
        DWORD dwSize;
        GUID guidInstance;
        GUID guidProduct;
        DWORD dwDevType;
        TCHAR tszInstanceName[MAX_PATH];
        TCHAR tszProductName[MAX_PATH];
        GUID guidFFDriver;
        WORD wUsagePage;
        WORD wUsage;
    Still works.

    I have a Saitek X-52 with pedals and I'm making a small bit of code to enumerate everything since the basic GUID only allows 6 axis and 32 buttons whereas my Saitek has 9 axis and 34 buttons.

    When generating a report, I'm clearing the DIDEVTYPE_HID bit to get a value for a loopup table of device type and subtype.

    Well, my stick is registering as a 1st Person, 6DOF and my pedals as a limited joystick, so now I'm wondering if the type and subtype can't be trusted or if I'm doing it wrong.

    The lookup table:
    struct DevType
    	DWORD		dwType;
    	wchar_t		*cType;
    } devtype[] = 
    	{ DI8DEVTYPE_DEVICE,											L"General Purpose Device" },
    	{ DI8DEVTYPE_MOUSE | (DI8DEVTYPEMOUSE_UNKNOWN << 8),			L"Mouse, Uknown" },
    	{ DI8DEVTYPE_MOUSE | (DI8DEVTYPEMOUSE_TRADITIONAL << 8),		L"Mouse, Traditional" },
    The whole table is there for all the values in dinput.h.

    The loop code so far:

    	for( std::list<IDData>::iterator idit = id_list.begin(); idit != id_list.end(); idit++ )
    		IDData inputdevice = *idit;
    		BOOL bHIDBool = inputdevice.di_InputDeviceData.dwDevType && DIDEVTYPE_HID;
    		DWORD dwTypeAndSubType = inputdevice.di_InputDeviceData.dwDevType & ~DIDEVTYPE_HID;
    		wprintf( L"Product name: %s\n", inputdevice.di_InputDeviceData.tszProductName );
    		if( inputdevice.di_InputDeviceData.dwDevType && DIDEVTYPE_HID )
    			wprintf( L"HID: %-15s", HID(inputdevice.di_InputDeviceData.dwDevType));
    		for( int i = 0; devtype[i].dwType != 0; i++ )
    			if( devtype[i].dwType == dwTypeAndSubType )
    				wprintf( L"Device Type: %s\n", devtype[i].cType );
    Am I screwing up the value of dwTypeAndSubType with a bad operation or is the problem elsewhere?

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    OK, this is going to be a "disregard." I'm going to assume it doesn't report correctly anymore, if it did ever, and just worry about the axis and buttons. I'll share what I make if anyone shows an interest. I was hoping to put out a tiny util that reported game devices capabilities so I can come up with a general purpose structure that could cover anything that exceeds the support from a c_dfDIJoystick data format.
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