Thread: what do you think of my game?

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    what do you think of my game?

    Hello, I have just made my first game in C++ it is text based please tell me what you think.Also please note that it is not finished.

    #include <iostream>
    #include <cstdlib>
    #include <time.h>
    using namespace std;
    int main()
        //charicter variables
        string action;
        int lose;
        int battle;
        int player_health;
        int player_attack;
        int Player_weapon;
        int monster_attack;
        int monster_health;
        //variables for random number limit
        int player_attack_low;
        int player_attack_high;
        int monster_attack_low;
        int monster_attack_high;
        //item variables
        string item_use;
        //iventory variables
        int potion_health_ammount;
        int potion_poison_ammount;
        Player_weapon= 1;
        battle = 1;
        lose = 0;
        potion_health_ammount = 1;
        potion_poison_ammount = 1;
        //code for random numbers used for attack
        time_t seconds;
        srand((unsigned int) seconds);
        cout<<"round one! player V zombie \n";
        //setting attck limit variables
        if(Player_weapon = 1){ //fist
        player_attack_low = 0;
        player_attack_high = 3;
        else if(Player_weapon = 2){ //sword
        player_attack_low = 6;
        player_attack_high = 8;
        else if(Player_weapon = 3){ //axe
        player_attack_low = 0;
        player_attack_high = 11;
        monster_attack_low = 0;
        monster_attack_high = 2;
        player_health = 20;
        monster_health = 15;
        cout<<"your health is "<<player_health<<"\n";
        cout<<"the zombies health is "<<monster_health<<"\n";
        while(battle == 1){
        cout<<"\n\n\nattack, item or pass? \n";
          if(action == "attack"){
              player_attack = rand() % (player_attack_high - player_attack_low + 1) + player_attack_low;
              monster_health = monster_health - player_attack;
              cout<<"you do "<<player_attack<<" damage.\nThe zombie's health is "<<monster_health<<"\n";
              monster_attack = rand() % (monster_attack_high - monster_attack_low + 1) + monster_attack_low;
              player_health = player_health - monster_attack;
              cout<<"\nyou take "<<monster_attack<<" damage \nYour health is now "<<player_health;
          if(player_health < 1){
          cout<<"you lose";
          else if(monster_health < 1){
          cout<<"\n\n\nyou won this round well done!";
          battle = 0;
          cout<<"\n\n next turn \n\n";
        else if(action == "pass"){
                      monster_attack = rand() % (monster_attack_high - monster_attack_low + 1) + monster_attack_low;
              player_health = player_health - monster_attack;
              cout<<"\nyou take "<<monster_attack<<" damage \nYour health is now "<<player_health;
        else if(action == "item"){
        cout<<"you have\n"<<potion_health_ammount<<" healing potion(potion)\n"<<potion_poison_ammount<<" posion(poison)\n\n";
        cout<<"item to use: ";
        if(item_use == "potion"){
        player_health = player_health + 5;
        cout<<"you have healed by 5\n";
        else if(item_use == "poison"){
        monster_health = monster_health - 5;
        cout<<"5 damage given to zombie\n";
        monster_attack = rand() % (monster_attack_high - monster_attack_low + 1) + monster_attack_low;
        player_health = player_health - monster_attack;
        cout<<"\nyou take "<<monster_attack<<" damage \nYour health is now "<<player_health;
        return 0;

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    > if(Player_weapon = 1)
    You're probably wanting to use == here.

    Your indentation could be a lot better. Indentation - cpwiki
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    Don't use magic numbers. If you're needing to compare against a constant, and add a comment to clarify, you definitely need a #define in there.

    There's a lot of stuff that can be shortened, for example:
    could replace the three lines you have.

    Not sure about C++, but in C you can't compare strings with ==.

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    Quote Originally Posted by memcpy View Post
    Not sure about C++, but in C you can't compare strings with ==.
    Firstly, does this look like C?!

    Secondly, of course you can, if one of the operands is a std::string ( speaking about C++, of course ):
    string action;
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    Hi Aaron and welcome to's Game Area! It looks like you've decided to program games in C++! Excellent!

    - Get in the habit of using the string type from the <string> library
    and use <ctime> instead of <time.h> (C++'s "namespace" friendly versions of standard libraries)

    - After fixing the =/== problems in the comparisons at Line 47, 52, and 57 - and running Code::blocks Astyle addon to knock some of the formatting into shape - it ran very nicely!

    On the up side, the fault tolerance was high! I threw decimals and misspelled words at the prompt and it handled everything fine. On the downside, there's not "quit" option to end a game early, and typing full words for responses seemed tedious. Let me suggest a clear menu with single letter choices:

    Keep up the good effort and you'll be producing what do you think of my game?-azb-gif 2.0 in no time!

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    Cool Text: Logo and Graphics Generator
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    thanks for the feed back i have notced a few flaws my self including you have unlimited potions potion_....._ammount just gose into the minuses, lol XD

    As soon as I get the next working version I will post it in the post your game here thread.
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    I remember writing a game very similar to this back in the day I made players fight my professors, but only the ones I liked that said crazy things to put in the pre combat dialogues.

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