Thread: DirectX 8.1 SDK Tutorials And Stuff

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    DirectX 8.1 SDK Tutorials And Stuff

    I know i ask a lot of questions. Here's another. Where can I find really good BEGINNERS (like, super newb stuff) tutorials for the directx 8.1 sdk. I really wanna get into this stuff and I still know a lot about comp.'s and all so I can do... but just with some work and good tutorials
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    Try (click on the articles & resources link)


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    First use the SDK documentation. It's very good.
    Here's a site similar to NeHe's OpenGL tutorials.
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    You can also try

    It's got some beginner tutorials. DrunkenHyena's better, however.

    Also, if you need to ask something you can check's DirectX board.

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