Thread: Could you help me structuring this. Game Design newbe :/

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    Question Could you help me structuring this. Game Design newbe :/

    Hey guys.

    I've recently started writing a little game. My problem arrived when im about to create a world loader(level loader). More specifically when i want to persist world user interaction if i could called it ("ai invoking "). Image a sidescroller game, the player moves forward and some enemy appear with an specific task. How can i persist those behaviors and invoke them after loaded? i mean which mechanism could i use to handle level predefine events.
    I hope i made it clear.

    Help would be appreciated

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    I am struggling a bit with your question. It sounds like what you are looking for are game triggers based on proximity.

    If you are using an engine, such as Unity, UDK, CryEngine, etc... such things are built in. If you are not, you will need to roll your own, which will be composed of an event mechanism ( these vary from language to language ) that is fired when your object goes within a certain proximity of another object. This would require you to create some form of scenegraph to store your game objects in, then an iteration through it to test things such as your proximity test, which then fires the event you also need to implement.

    All told, its a non-trivial process, unless fo course you are using an engine, then simply search for "trigger" in it's documentation.

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