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    organizing data

    No code to post... just looking for some ideas. Here's the situation. I have a linked list full of "settlements". Each settlement is of a certain type (village, town, or city). You can build certain structures in the various settlements, and some structures are unique to certain settlement types. For example, you can build a market in a village, town, or city. You can build a port in a town or city (but not a village), and you can build a wall in a city (but not a village or town).

    During the CreateBuilding function, I want a simple test to determine if a building/structure is allowed to be built, based upon the type of settlement. I can think of some ugly ways to do this, but is there a pretty way?

    Here's how I keep the data:
    class Structure {     
    // parallel arrays to keep track of the settlement's structures
       bool structure_status[MAX_NUM_BUILDINGS];  // 0 = does not exist, 1 = exists
       int structural_integrity[MAX_NUM_BUILDINGS];

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    What if you enumerated the possible settlement/building types?

    Then just check against them, ie:

    enum Bldg
    } NewBldgType;
    if(Settlement1==0)  //for instance 0 = village
         case 0:    //wall
         case 1:   //port
             //not ok
          case 2:
            //ok, build it

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