Thread: SFML Audio Problems...

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    SFML Audio Problems...

    Hi all,

    My program, audioTest, is intended as a practise so that I can see how ths feature works!

    However, I'm being plagued by errors!

    My code, shown below, should be all I need to play an mp3 file; nothing more!

    #include "SFML/Audio.hpp"
    #include <iostream>
    using namespace std;
    int main()
    	sf::Music Music1( 44100 );									// create Music instance
    	if ( !Music1.OpenFromFile( "Kalimba.mp3" ) )				// if the file doesn't open
    		cout << "\n\nMusic file can't be opened!\n\n" << endl;	// display error message
    	Music1.Play();												// play music
    	system( "pause" );											// pause to stop console window closing
    } // end main
    I'm getting errors in the console window saying, "Failed to open "Kalimba.mp3" for reading"

    Music file can't be opened!

    Failed to play audio stream : sound parameters have not been initialized (call Initialize first)
    press any key to continue...

    Please help if you have any ideas of how to rectify this error!

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    That is because SFML doesn't support mp3. It is a license encumbered format ( aka, SFML would have to pay money to support it ), so they didn't.

    Either find an .ogg file, or convert your mp3 to .ogg ( Ogg Vorbis ) format.

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