Thread: OpenGL Flickering Problem

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    OpenGL Flickering Problem

    I've written a basic version of a certain game in C on OpenGL.

    Now that it's completed, I'm trying to clean it up some. One of the things I've noticed for awhile now is that my program flickers each time I move my character on the screen, which seems to me like it's just redrawing everything all the time.

    What are some basic troubleshooting techniques to reduce flickering? I've heard that if you are using shading that your normals can be a little off which could be the culprit. I'm also about to experiment with reducing my swapBuffers() calls because I think that may be an issue as well.

    Any other thoughts/ideas would be greatly appreciated.

    EDIT: Fixed the problem. I did have one too many calls to swapBuffers() that I must have overlooked. This thread can be ignored/locked/whatever now
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