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    Question Tile-based games!

    I am making a tile-based game. I want to create a struct for the data from the level file. I have this:

    struct TILE
    int TEX; // Holds texture ID
    int *DIM; // Holds number of x, y tiles

    how would I create a loop and use sscanf(); to extract the amount of x, y tiles. And then, get the numbers on each tile. For example:


    Any help is appreciated!


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    when i did this...

    i designed my own file type (use binary output not ascii)

    something like this

    [width-unsigned integer]
    [height-unsigned integer]
    [each tile structure, starting with 0,0]

    then you just read in the width and height, create your array
    and start populating with two for loops
    pretty simple stuff once you get the idea of creating your own file type

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