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    Question How to setup a multiplayer game

    I am writing a multiplayer game (name: Bingo).. Its played using numbers 1 - 25.

    So, I want my friends/ players to connect via internet. In this game, each player will get a chance to pass a number to all other players in a cyclic order until the game ends..

    As I am new to this networking/ socket programming.. could you please tell me a bit about this and what kind of resources I need to develop it.

    If possible, please give some good beginner free ebooks to learn..

    I want to develop it in C. If possible, please do provide information for developing in python.

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    Well... talking from another programming lang here you will need the follow:
    1) A network diagram... for example, socket-UDP or TCP, Server base, or PTP base.
    2) Next you will need to setup how the server or PTP talks to each other... how do they know who is who and where... (IPs, DNS)
    3) Server or PTP needs some way to track players (such as a player managment control class/functions) For example, Player A moves ... Player A cords get sent out... Player B "see" that from server Player A moved... Player_Managment.Move(Player A, cords)... Player A is moved across the screen for Player B.

    After that... it's up to you how it looks and acts... there isn't that much to it... The hard part is getting everything setup...
    C does alow for this, but before you do multiplayer or even worry about multiplayer... worry about working on the game first and then when the game is done is when you add the networking.

    As for a book... I bet they have a "help section" around here to give you a tip on a good book to read...

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    can you make your game suitable for EPSXE Online? maybe you can run your game on the internet.

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