Thread: Weird Problems Compiling/ Running .NET Quake 3 Source Port

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    Weird Problems Compiling/ Running .NET Quake 3 Source Port


    I recently downloaded Greg Dolley's .NET port of the Quake 3 source code, and I've been working on making a mod with it. I added in some of my own code, and it was working fine, but then I started getting a few error messages on the console in Quake 3.

    The messages appear if I start a skirmish game against some bots, then end the game and start another one. I get stuff like: "RE_RegisterModel: Couldn't load models/weapons2/plasma/plasma_barrel.md3", and "Fatal: BotAISetupClient: client 1 already setup." Also, the bots won't be there at the start of the second game, as they should be.

    The reason I described these problems as weird in the title is because it just seems impossible to get rid of them now. I've tried deleting the source port project and compiling a completely fresh version of it (i.e. one with no changes by me). This didn't fix the problems- and I'm certain they weren't there to begin with. I've selected "clean" and "complete rebuild" but they didn't do anything to help. I've tried reinstalling Quake 3, reinstalling Visual C++ Express 2008, reinstalling the NET framework, and rolling back my system with system restore to a date when I know the problems weren't occurring.

    None of these things helped, so I'm wondering does anyone know what could be causing these issues? Could it be something to do with the registry? I just can't understand how these problems can still be occurring after I've removed all of the changes I've made, and reset what seems like every setting related to the project.

    There's a description of the source port at the following URL. The link on it might be broken- I got the code by emailing Greg and asking him for it. Anyway this page describes what it is:

    Quake 3 C++ .NET Port « Greg Dolley’s Weblog

    Thanks guys.

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    It cannot find the assets. Look in the code and see how it searches for assets and follow its structure.

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    Thanks for the reply. I'll try and do that.

    It seems like this could have something to do with some libraries or dlls or something that have been changed since I originally loaded up the source port, but that I have managed to miss in my process of reinstalling stuff. Does this make sense? If so I guess you're saying that maybe I can find the names of these libraries/ dlls/ whatever if I search through the code. Right? The problem is, it's difficult to see where they could be. I've reinstalled loads of stuff- the NET framework, Visual C++, the Windows files you need to compile the solution, Quake 3, the source port itself... and none of it has helped.

    Thanks again for the suggestion anyway. I will try it.

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