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    Terrain texturing

    Good morning everyone

    What is the best way to texturing a large terrain ?
    So far I modelate a large terrain using CLOD technic and now I blocked in texturing phase .
    Any suggestion is welcomed

    thanks in advance

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    One method is to use one texture (not necessarily hi-res) stretched over the entire terrain, to give the general color, and then combine it with a tiled "detail texture". (image) This is pretty basic multitexturing, there are plenty of resources online regarding that topic.

    Another method to consider is called "texture splatting". This one ends up being more demanding if you need a lot of variety in your terrain but it tends to get better looking results IMO. In a way, it's similar to textured brushes in, say, Photoshop. There's a mask image stretched over the terrain, and that image determines where other textures get "painted on" (for example, the red channel correlates to grass, and blue represents sand, so purple colors would be a mix of grass and sand).
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    You can use texture splatting or use the alpha channels in textures as the map of where the color goes in the terrain.

    Several of these use both detail maps and texture splatting based on alpha channel.

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