Thread: Trouble building libjpeg

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    Trouble building libjpeg

    I followed the instructions given in the install.txt for libjpeg8c
    To use:
    1. Open the command prompt, change to the main directory and execute the
    command line
    NMAKE /f setup-v10
    This will move to jconfig.h and makefiles to project files.
    (Note that the renaming is critical!)
    2. Open the solution file jpeg.sln, build the library project.
    (If you are using Visual Studio more recent than 2010 (v10), you'll
    probably get a message saying that the project files are being updated.)
    3. Open the solution file apps.sln, build the application projects.
    4. To perform the self-test, execute the command line
    NMAKE /f test-build
    5. Move the application .exe files from `app`\Release to an
    appropriate location on your path.

    but when i open the jpeg.sln I get the error message saying
    Unable to read the project file "jpeg.vcxproj".

    Any idea why this is happening?

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    What version of Visual Studio are you using? What version of Visual Studio created the project files? Try googling for "libjpeg build visual studio" plus your version number.

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