Thread: OpenGL, quads not displaying

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    OpenGL, quads not displaying

    sorry i wasnt using glMatrixMode(...); problem fixed now,

    on another note, can someone explain to me whether using glOrtho means i should remove glMatrixMode or if setting the orthographic view is entirely separate from the matrix mode? and which matrix mode should i use if this is the case? I'm making a 2d game and want the view to look like that of super smash bros on a platform

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    glMatrixMode just makes a selection, it doesn't do anything in of itself.
    glOrtho will "multiply the current matrix with an orthographic matrix"
    glOrtho's counterpart is glFrustum, which will "multiply the current matrix by a perspective matrix".
    In a fully 2D game, and orthographic view would probably be best.

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    You probably shouldn't edit away an existing post, it makes the thread hard to read and it's just disconcerting. Also if you have a new question, placing it in a new post will enable others to see that the thread has changed. I'd say that editing should be reserved for fixing typos and adding clarifications.

    glOrtho() "[multiplies] the current matrix with an orthographic matrix" according to the docs. So in order to have it affect your viewport you need to apply it to the GL_PROJECTION matrix. (Essentially it's just like a glMultMatrix() call, which of course applies to the matrix corresponding to the current matrix mode.) And most other operations use GL_MODELVIEW so you should switch back after you call glOrtho(). So generally you'd use something like
    You could have found that out in about forty-six seconds by googling "glortho example", by the way.

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