Thread: What should be the Homework for game Programming?

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    What should be the Homework for game Programming?

    I am well accustomed with C and C++ language.....I mean i have learned the basics...Still dont know Java and enthusiastic to do game programming.I just want to know is this enough to start learning game programming?Or anything more should be learned before leaping to it...?
    Can anyone give any idea?Suggestions are welcome!!

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    I you are so desperate about making games, try some game-making application such as "Game Maker".
    On the other hand, if you want to learn something ( well ok, alot of things ) while doing it program it.
    Programming a game can be done with many approaches:
    (1) You can take an open-source game, alter it a bit or upgrade it or join their development.
    (2) You can download a graphics engine which will provide you with the interface to build your game.
    (3) You can build the game from scratch, either by yourself or with a team, with only C++ and the appropriate libraries ( like OpenGL, OpenAL or DirectX )

    >>> I am well accustomed with C and C++ language.....I mean i have learned the basics...

    It's like you're telling me that you're well accustomed with a man you met 5 minutes ago!
    To be able to program games, you and C/C++ must become best friends!
    Devoted my life to programming...

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    The other thing using an engine like GameMaker will do for you is take care of some of the geometry. If you are not good friends with geometry (2D and 3D, including trigonometry) now, then you will want to be.

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    Hello, long time visitor, first time poster. I would like to add my input, and hope that it is helpful.

    Background: I've been a casual 'C' programmer for a few years, and am only vaguely familiar with C++. About two weeks ago, I decided I wanted to give game programming a shot. I am trying to approach this correctly - as in, I am not rushing into it and trying to take it one step at a time.

    If I may offer a piece of advice that I came across and followed - start small. See if you can create "simple" games in console applications with ASCII characters. My first game I called "Money Hou$e" and it was pretty much a proof of concept. Here I learned how to effectively work with x/y coordinates, basic "collision detection," character movement, seeding money symbols randomly, and keeping track of the score. The second was an overly simple "Snake" clone. I just concluded (but did not actually finish) a mini-RPG using only ASCII characters. This really pushed my algorithm determining skills. On a whim at work today, I started coding a simple Tetris clone.

    Working on simple games like this at the start gives you good insight to the hours, labor, and debugging required to program a game. It will also give you a strong foundation for advanced game programming.

    Next I plan to hit up my old C++ book. After that, I am going to investigate OpenGL, as my research showed that this was a preferred way of programming games in C++. (If anyone has input on this, I would also appreciate hearing it.)

    Thank you,


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    I actually like the idea of creating a game maker application instead of an actual game. Fact is most of a 'game' is not code at all but rather script running via a code base.

    If you set out to create a game maker application you will be forced to think of the 'game' or genre you wish to support in very generic terms. This is some extremely challenging programming and will not only test your C++ syntactical sugar skills but moreso your overall design skills which are skills that can be applied across all languages and are some of the most valuable skills to hone. Also the game maker portion will also challenge your UI design skills. If you are going to make a 'game maker' app my advice and challenge to you would be to use the same code that renders the game to render the content in the game maker IDE or editor. This will require significant design and usage of libraries and/or DLLs. This will also allow you to look at your game system from the standpoint of clients interfacing with it and thus your game system as a system that provides functionality to external clients as opposed to hard-coding functionality for one specific game.

    The most important facet of any game maker app, engine, or even game is that it is all data-driven. The rendering system should make no decisions about rendering and should only do what it is told to do by external sources and/or external data. It should make no assumptions as to what type of game it will be used for and it should have no knowledge whatsoever of the game that is using it save for providing interface points such as callbacks and/or listeners that any client can use to receive notifications of events. The game system should be able to read in data and create the game from the data via various systems in the overall game system. If it isn't encoded in the data it isn't displayed and it isn't in the game.

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    If you want to discourage him so very much, why not just send him pictures from "Fail" or something?


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    Was that even meant for this thread? I don't see anybody but him mention creating a game maker app. Discouraging the OP from doing something he never mentioned must be a new front runner for "earliest dissuading words about a project"

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    Hehe. I misread Sipher's post as the poster suggesting the creation of a game-maker app as opposed to using a game-maker app. My apologies.

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