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    Need some tips.

    I've just started with C++ and im interested in learning Game programming in windows.

    I've read that this book is good for beginners:
    'Tricks of the Windows Game Programming Gurus'

    Is this a good idea? Or should I buy some other books?
    And what Compiler should i use?

    Please help me..

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    If you're just starting with C++ I'm not sure that 'Tricks of the Windows Game Programming Gurus' is the right book to start with. Try one of the Prima series books like Iso Programming by Ernest Panzera. It teaches some solid C++, Windows and game programming.

    Also check out and . They have some great stuff (articles, etc.) for game development.

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    Yeah, I agree with jdinger. First you should start off by learning the basics, and to keep you interested try making little text games along the way. Making these little games will give you a lot of hands-on experience too, while you are learning the basics of C++. Once you feel comfortable enough with the language, then I'd move onto what ever you feel is neccesary.

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    Ok. thanks

    Im working on that in this very moment.
    Im making this Crappy Textbased RPG game..

    But thanks for the help

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