Thread: How get the individual files of images, sound and video of Game.

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    How get the individual files of images, sound and video of Game.

    I've a game PC based and I need to get copy the images, sound and video.
    The resource files are packed in a file .acf.
    There is Dll that read this file but I think that the resource are load into memory because I don't find any file in the hard drive of the game.
    I have decompiled into C lang. but I don't know too much C lang.
    This game is running on Win98.

    I need an advice how can I get it.
    If someone can do it I can supply the files. I could pay for it.
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    I doubt this belongs here: it's a request of program creation which could do the job, not a question how to create a game. This isn't in any way related to game programming, it is related to decompressing data files.
    Besides: I doubt this would be legal, because the files are most likely copyrighted.

    P.S. I'm not sure if .acf files are the files containing the resources you need. I don't think they are used to store textures... I might be wrong here, Google is your friend.

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    Closed for obvious reasons.

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