Thread: 3ds max, maya, bryce, etc.

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    Lightbulb 3ds max, maya, bryce, etc.

    How much experience do any of you have with the following programs?

    3ds max
    Bryce 4
    Lightwave 3D

    I have all of those except Maya (which I plan on getting soon...since it is the best of them all), but it is hard to figure out any advanced stuff in them like texture mapping. I also want to know how the heck professionals do stuff like cinematics for games in those programs, because I know they dont go in and move each little object in a big movie one by one.

    Anyone have any experience with these 3d modeling programs?
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    LightWave 3D, is the best in fact a lot of companies are switching over as it is one namely is SquareSoft. their render is highly advanced.

    try the newtek messageboards.
    I don't use any so i can't help but they probably can.

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    Caligari Truespace 4 is a very very nice prgram, i had a demo of it, its quite expensive though. So unless you use it very frequesntly or professionaly its probably not worth it.
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    I have quite a bit of experience in Blender, and I'm ........ed off that people keep calling it's interface 'clumsy!' I mean, it is the best interface I have worked with to this date. All it takes is a few clicks and you can create great things! 3ds MAX has a very, very clumsy interface that relies on you to fill in those darn textboxes! And it lacks the ease of Blender's extrude tool! I learned that modeling in Blender goes WAY WAY faster because of the extrude tool.
    Anyway, get blender here they have the BEST community I have EVER seen!
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    Blender all the way, you can do anything with it.

    Oh and being freeware is nice.

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