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    Cool My First Allegro Game

    I've been playing around with Allegro for quite some time, and awhile ago I made this simple "crowd simulation." It simulated a gunshot in the midst of a crowded street. You have a "scare" factor (the size of your gun I guess) and each crowd member has a unique "brave" level. If their brave level was higher than your scare level, they'd try to lynch you, otherwise they'd run. You used Numpad Plus and Minus to simulate your scare level, and Insert, Del, Home and End to change your speed or the crowds. It was pretty fun to play around with, but was missing something, the ability to actually shoot at pedestrians. The game ended when you died or pressed Esc. So now, a month or three later, I've gone and remade it mostly from scratch (some code is recycled.) Now, you can't change the speed, and you can't die or win yet, but I'm putting that in. Controls:
    Num +: Increase Scare
    Num -: Decrease Scare
    Insert: Start Sim
    Space: Shoot
    Arrows: Move

    URL: - 'bout 350kb


    No source yet, I'll release that real soon. It has alot of "unused" code and is very very messy. So there's an .exe in the zip. If you don't trust me, that's ok. alleg40.dll (Allegro's DLL - Required to run) is included incase you don't have it.
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    hey, valar_king i couldn't download the game from that link??

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    Talking D'oh!

    Sorry, forget the tilde. Here's the correct url:

    Thanks for tellin me,
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    Thumbs up

    thats a pretty good first game.

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    Thats pretty cool sounding, too bad Im at school. I wanna try a program like that.

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