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    Unhappy Loading Bitmap - Directories

    Hello, I'm new to programming in DirectX and I know a bit of knowledge with C++ but I can not load a bitmap. I've been following a programming book (using DirectX9) and the code I wrote tells me that my bitmap is not in the "current directory" How do I place my .bmp file inside the right directory if I'm using Microsoft Visual Studio C++ 2010? Thanks in advance!

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    By default Visual Studio sets the working directory to be the folder which contains the solution file (.sln file). If you put the bitmap in that folder you should be able to access it using "./test.bmp".

    I personally think that's a horrible place to put the working directory given that when you try to run the exe from explorer its working directory will be the folder in which it is contained. This means that your program will run quite differently from explorer and from visual studio. You can change visual studio's working directory by going to.

    Project Properties->Config Properties->Debugging
    Change Working Directory to: $(OutDir)

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    Ideally you should create an asset system in your code that can find the assets based on user supplied paths or hard-coded relative paths relative to your bin.

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