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    Question learning c++

    i am 19 and learning how to programme in c++ so can i can attempt to make games, this i know is very ambitious. i have a little experience of programming in vb6 and pascal. the main thing i want to know is what is possible using this language. up to now i have spent hours trying to make a card game.

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    All advanced games are in C/C++. However, a mighty tool is always hard to handle, so be prepared that it won't be easy.

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    However, a mighty tool is always hard to handle
    Tell me about it!
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    Anything is possible.. It's all up to you. C++ isn't a 'product' like VB or JavaScript.. very few things are built into it. The standard header files are all that seperates you and having to write countless lines of code to create common functions you'll find in other languages.

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