Thread: problem with sdl_flip()

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    problem with sdl_flip()

    Okay so ive been through lazy foos tutorial.. now im attempting to make a pong game, but now SDL_flip is giving me a problem.. when I comment it out my code runs fine.. I get a return 3.

    #include <string>
    #include "SDL\SDL.h"
    #include "system.h"
    #include "Image.h"
    #define BPP 32
    #define SCREEN_W 640
    #define SCREEN_H 320
    SDL_Surface* display = NULL;
    int main(int argc, char* args[])
        System system(SCREEN_W, SCREEN_H, BPP, "Pong");
        Image image;
        SDL_Surface *message;
        message = image.loadBMPImage("");
        image.applySurface(0, 0, message, system.screen);

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    This is probably better off on SDL's mailing list but I'll see if I can help.

    The problem here is you're not showing how you initialize SDL. What surface parameters are you setting when you set the display mode?

    If you're having a problem when SDL_flip() is being called and not when it's commented out, you probably didn't set your screen mode to include SDL_DOUBLEBUF.

    I assume you create the screen mode in your system class so check that first.
    - Leeor

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    You didn't init SDL?

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    possibly im not sure. I decided to move on from this and I did it in another project and everything works fine

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