Thread: game development & programming skill required

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    game development & programming skill required


    I had a couple of questions regarding game development & the level of programming skill required , as I am not well versed with most of programming languages & have just started learning C language many of these questions might seem obvious to u all :-

    1) Is it necessary to have excellent knowledge of the language being used for developing games for mobile phones ? or someone who is average at it can also create noteworthy games.

    2)Which is the best platform to start learning ?for eg:- iphone games requires objective C and many other handsets J2ME . So is it advisable to learn J2ME first or C ?


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    1) Someone who is average can create games, but not noteworthy ones.

    2) Not a clue: May someone else can answer that?
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    The answer to 2. is "Whatever you feel most comfortable in".

    Bear in mind that you can't go from zero to Carmack overnight.

    Concentrate on being general-purpose first. Do the "Hello world", practice taking input from the user and doing things with it, learn to use graphics functions in a meaningful way. Combine these features and you could well have a game. It may only be Connect 4, but it's a start.

    Once you've got the basic elements of a game engine nailed down you'll be much better placed to add music, 3D graphics and whatever other fun things you have in mind.

    If you want to jump into making games, you can make them in Flash, but as a programmer your skills would be limited by Flash.

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