Thread: Graphics problem in turbo c++

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    Graphics problem in turbo c++

    hi evereyone, i have some problem related to graphics in c++ that is when i include graphics.h in my program and use graphic command like draw line etc..then suddenly windows has been closed and messages appears that "NTVDM CPU HAS ENCOUNTERED AN ILLEGAL INSTRUCTION", and some error code and two options ignore and cancel apperes when i presss cancel turbo c++ windows closed. i have reinstalled my windows xp but problem still there. i m using intel core2 duo processor. and also same problem apperar in my laptop which has vista installed in it. but problem not happend in my university and in my friend computer. please tell me what should i final project is totally graphics based...i m waiting 4 reply thanks

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    Already answered here => GRAPHICS PROBLEM - C And C++ | Dream.In.Code
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