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    Advice needed

    I think I have a decent grasp of C++ (by the book I have, Sams Teach Yourself C++ in One Hour a Day) - currently I am on STL options/usage. While I grasp alot of the "how-to-use", I can't seem to wrap my head around putting it all into a functional idea.

    Could someone suggest a next-step programming book for me to move forward to, something perhaps which might elaborate a bit on things like a main loop that doesn't stop and wait for the user to type and modern program design.

    After much searching, not knowing what I was searching for, it seems that Threads are an answer to part of my question above. Although the short tutorial says that it is a Windows thing. My question for that now is, are there other things that supply some form of doing this same thing?
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    check out this book. I learned from it.

    C++ primer [Book]

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    Quote Originally Posted by smasherprog View Post
    check out this book. I learned from it.

    C++ primer [Book]
    The book mentioned above would be a really good choice. Even though it goes from the ground up, I find in some places it is almost too concise to be accessible to beginners; there's also just too much covered to really expect to retain on your first round. Once you've got a good grip on things though, reading this cover-to-cover will fill in a lot of gaps in your knowledge that tend to crop up on your first time through a language. After reading two introductory books on C++, I was still able to find out new things from "C++ Primer", even in the first chapter.

    This book is geared towards producing fully-fleshed C++ programmers, unlike most C++ books, which effectively only teach you how to solve math problems with a computer and create useless banking software. I would definitely give it a go.

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    I will Amazon the book post haste.

    Beyond furthering C++ however I am also trying to figure out what direction to head towards gaming. Would SDL be a good place to start learning some of the basics of things like device inputs and low-level graphics (seen SDL posted here, DirectX & Allegro as well).

    The most difficult thing I am finding is sitting here trying to figure out how to ask a question, knowing nothing about the topic.

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    I liked SDL when I used it. It is pretty straight forward for beginners. I didn't even know how to properly use classes when I first started using SDL and I was still able to make a few basic games. You'll have to learn to draw your own pictures if you want to retain rights to the games you make though.
    If you decide to go this route definitely check out lazy foo productions (a google search should pop it up for you).
    Virtual reality hello world in html and javascript.
    Viewable with dodocase, google cardboard, OR, and other compatible VR gear.

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