Thread: Correct programing language for games?

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    Correct programing language for games?

    Which is the correct programing language for games?

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    There is no one single programming language that is always the correct choice for game programming.
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    There isnt one.

    Lots of commercial games use C++ or C, but you can use lots of languages

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    Agreed with the posts above. It highly depends on the platform you code for and how quick the game has to be. A pet-game which you would probably make could be done in pretty much any language, including visual basic.
    However, games for the iPhone would probably use Objective-C as that is the usual "language of choice" for the iPhone, though it probably supports some other languages as well (not sure about this).
    Professional games are usually made in either Java or C/C++. The games that are extremely complex and have to be fast will be made in C/C++, for the rest there's a choice between Java and C/C++. But still, a computer running a Java game would probably require slightly more resources than the same C/C++ game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by brack View Post
    Which is the correct programing language for games?
    If you have to ask the question, this is the least of your concerns.

    I'm no expert, least of all on game development, but it seems to me that there is a whole lot of questions that should be answered before choosing the programming language. F.ex. your choice of platform will heavily influence what programming languages you can use.

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