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    anti aliasing

    what is it how is it done?

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    AA is a way of putting shaded pixels around curves, or diagonal lines to make them appear less pixelated, to do this, you put shaded pixels around curves or diagonal lines. Many graphics cards don't support this, and so it can slow games down considerably. Usually anti-aliasing is done previously in texture files to make them look nice and smooth.

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    Muttski you can do it a couple of ways. The easiest way is to re-draw the line you wish to anti-alias just a tad offset from the original and gradually blend the RGBS between the pixel that is there and the line color.

    The second way is as you are drawing the line using Bres. algo, any time you step down or increment on y, you will need to anti-alias. Usually you step back about half the size of the previous segment and draw your new colors from there.

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