Thread: detect if the player has a powercut

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    detect if the player has a powercut

    basically ive come up with this idea that if the player connected to the server suddenly has a powercut and there computer goes off, i want to get information if it was a sudden powercut or a shutdown , if it was a powercut then i would let the player rejoin the server with the same score as last time as it wasnt his fault etc,ive been looking at shutdown Event Tracker on google but nothing about where the log file is stored so i could parse that from the game client and send to the server , i hope you understand what i am trying todo and welcome you to suggestions you have to solve this

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    The only information you get is that a player stops responding. Thats ALL the info you will ever get :P

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    The only thing you will get is a timeout but you won't know why. As has been stated all you will know is the player's system has stopped responding. How that is interpreted is up to the code but there is no way to disambiguate the actual cause of the system not responding to the server.

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