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    SDL game engine - fireshot

    I wrote a game engine this weekend. Its 2d, extremely easy to use, event based and cross platform. The main benefit is clean code, combined with the ability for complete control over the internals. It doesn't do much yet (, has squat for documentation, but, its nice to write code for, so developers are very much welcome. I intend to add features such as:

    Object collision
    object events (tell a function when an image is moved to specific/range of coordinates).
    Default keys (moveUp, moveDown, etc.)

    Tell me what you think.

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    A few suggestions:
    • Standard practice is to use class names beginning with an uppercase letter, e.g. C4. You can decide if you want to do this or not.
    • If you want to have keys repeat the easiest way is to use something like this:
    • I think your code is currently running as fast as it can, using 100% of the CPU. Some users (including me ...) don't like this very much, so you could try limiting the game loop to say 60 or 30 FPS. I had a really good link that describes this in detail, but I can't find it now, unfortunately.
    • If you want to be more object-oriented, instead of using callbacks you could use the observer design pattern. Say you have this:
      class Observer {
          virtual ~Observer() {}  // virtual destructor
          virtual void notify(int key) = 0;
      class KeyRegistrar {
          virtual void addObserver(int key, Observer *x);
          virtual void notifyOfKey(int key);
      I haven't supplied the code for KeyRegistrar, but it basically remembers a list of which observers are interested in which key events. Then when a key event comes in, the observers are notify()'d and can deal with it appropriately. The user of your code can just subclass Observer to deal with keypresses.

      This is a bit more advanced stuff and if you don't want to do it, that's fine, it's just a thought I had when I was reading your code. Other references for the Observer design pattern:
      Observer Design Pattern
      Observer Design Pattern in C++

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    Thanks for the suggestions.

    As for the classname, originally the project was called C64, which was changed cause of the commodore 64 thing, then it was e64 which was obvious why it was changed and then c4 and now fireshot cause c4 is a commercial game engine.

    I have started researching the observer design pattern, and I probably will incorporate it into the design.

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