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    Learn Game Programming

    I found this free game programming ezine which teaches you game programming every month for FREE! IT IS SOOOOO AMAZING!!!!! They teach you like in an easy to understand language so that you dont get lost! I really like it a lot and I wanted to share this with EVERYONE! YOU CAN'T MISS THIS! Just sign up to the Abhiware E-Zine, thats where they teach you EVERY MONTH FREE! ITS AMAZING!

    I am telling you, it REALLY helps! I learnt how to storyboard, the game creation process, view types, game styles, and so much more from them! They really help and you can also download free games from their website WHICH THEY TEACH YOU TO PROGRAM LATER AS WELL!!!!!! It is just AWSOME! Don't Miss Out ON THIS! GO AND JOIN THEIR MAILING LIST!

    Not good for anyone who is not serious about Game Programming, because this is like finding Gold for all serious Game Programmers! ENJOY!

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    Well ALRIGHT then!!!! What makes THIS so SPECIAL?!?!?! I MEAN what DOES this ezine OFFER THAT somewhere like GAMEDEV or something COULDN'T!!!?!?!

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    Reason Why This Is Good

    I am not saying that this is the best out there, I'm just saying that this thing is really good and I learnt a lot of cool topics from them. Its just my opinion man nothin more, I have been programming for a long time and they teach you like the concepts in easy to understand languages so that you dont get lost. Its up to you if you want to join, but I seriously think it is a really great E-zine and you'd be missing out if you dont join. Not my loss bro, trust me, its good

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    what ezine?

    ezine? I checked out the link and it's just a company site with the only links being to stuff they sell. No tutorial, articles or anything.

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    silly, silly free advertisers!

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